Chronic Disorganization: The Basics

There’s more than one type of disorganization- regular disorganization, chronic disorganization, and hoarding. Regular disorganization, which everyone experiences from time to time, is characterized by disorganization which is temporary and is not expected to persist into the future. It’s a sort of “fix it and forget it” disorganization. The degree and longevity of the disorganization […]

Are you prepared for cold and flu season?

With the increased activity and stress around the Holidays, we are exposed to more chances for catching something at the same time we are reducing our resistance. Are you prepared? Here are 3 tips to help you manage this cold and flu season:

1) Dispose of old medications. Check the dates on the medications you […]

Public Teleclasses through ICD

The Institute for Challenging Disorganization is now offering teleclasses to the public. Subjects currently available are Understanding Chronic Disorganization, Introduction to ADD, Introduction to ADHD and Procrastination and Introduction to Hoarding. Offered for $10 each, they are quite a resource.

For more information go to

Sleep for organizing

Part 2 We all have heard that we should get a “good night’s sleep ‘, right? But what is a good night’s sleep and why is it so important?


Making spirits bright... Exercise to Organize

Exercise to Organize

We all know that our mood affects our ability to get things done. When you feel down or depressed, you just can’t seem to get motivated. Conversely, when you feel happy and energized, you feel like you can conquer anything. One of the best ways to elevate your mood is exercise.


Organize Your Holiday Shopping


Two Types of Disorganization

Did you know there are actually two types of disorganization – situational and chronic? Could one fit you?

Situational disorganization happens when a life event causes a “hiccup” in our normally organized lives. It is often something that happens occasionally (marriage, moving), or for a short period of time (accident recovery, night classes). With a […]

Organizing: Why blog about it

I am not what anyone would call “technologically savvy”. So, why start a blog? Because I can see the direction the world is turning, and savvy or not, this IS today’s communication tool.

There are already many other professionals who blog about organizing, so why another blog? Because each of us is looking at organizing […]