Are you prepared for cold and flu season?

With the increased activity and stress around the Holidays, we are exposed to more chances for catching something at the same time we are reducing our resistance. Are you prepared? Here are 3 tips to help you manage this cold and flu season:

1) Dispose of old medications. Check the dates on the medications you have available. If they are past their expiration date, they might not be as potent and effective. Most over the counter medications have the expiration imprinted on the bottom of the box. (Food and Drug Administration disposal guide .)

2) Replace any items you feel are necessary. Add them to your next regular shopping list.

3) Set yourself up for comfort. Is your vaporizer or humidifier functioning? Are you stocked up on easy to make (and easy to eat) food and drink? What about heating pads, bubble bath, cozy pajamas, robe and slippers?

Wishing you a healthy and happy Holiday season!

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