Making spirits bright... Exercise to Organize

Exercise to Organize

We all know that our mood affects our ability to get things done. When you feel down or depressed, you just can’t seem to get motivated. Conversely, when you feel happy and energized, you feel like you can conquer anything. One of the best ways to elevate your mood is exercise.

This is ROUGHLY how it works.
When you exercise, hormones are released in your brain and your body. Some of these hormones have a stimulating effect on the brain’s neurons. Neurons, then, produce neurotransmitters. Among these neurotransmitters are serotonin, norepinephrine and endorphins which are keys in regulating mood and self-esteem. Also produced is dopamine which effects feelings of wellness, mood, attention and motivation.

Boosted chemical relations in the brain are not the only positive, mood elevating aspects of regular exercise. It also imparts a sense of control over at least one area of our lives and gives us more energy to tackle the multitude of tasks ahead of us.

So now you know that regular exercise will help keep you encouraged and motivated, how do you find the time? And how do you get started when you lack momentum?

Time is the only true equalizer. No one gets more than 24 hours in a day. So take a realistic and hard look at your daily schedule. To get a benefit from exercise, you you only need to get 10 minutes daily. So start by promising yourself 10 minutes.

The easiest time I find for exercise is when watching the TV. Simply high stepping in place will make improvements, so you do not need equipment or special clothes. You can even get some exercise while doing traditionally stationary chores such as ironing. Just keep your feet moving. You will find that once you get started the good feeling of having kept your promise to yourself will help you to keep motivated.

If you lack momentum, just can’t get started, ask someone to walk with you. Walk anywhere, anytime. But it should be someplace you find easy or pleasant. Around the neighborhood or around work, or around the shopping plaza. But no stopping to shop during exercise time!

Another tack you might try is a call and call back. Get a friend to call you at a set time to tell you to get started and have them call you back at your end time. But no cheating. You must tell them the truth, even if you did nothing. Just having them call daily can “guilt” you into starting.

However you get started, stick it out for at least 3 weeks. By then you may have formed an exercise “habit”. And you will feel more focused and less stressed, ready to conquer the holidays!

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