Organizing: Why blog about it

I am not what anyone would call “technologically savvy”. So, why start a blog? Because I can see the direction the world is turning, and savvy or not, this IS today’s communication tool.

There are already many other professionals who blog about organizing, so why another blog? Because each of us is looking at organizing through a slightly different pair of glasses. One organizer may concentrate on the “situationally” disorganized, one may specialize in helping those with physical disabilities and another one’s specialty may be ADHD. There are as many variations of organizing as there are organizers.

My chief interest is in applying the ever increasing information about how the brain works to the individual’s ability to reach their goals. Understanding what is going on in our brain, body and environment is the foundation. Organizing skills are the framework.

So, what is the last, best reason to start a blog? KNOWLEDGE! Simply to give and gain information which empowers each of us achieve all that is possible. It is my hope that anyone who reads this blog will feel free pass along any new research which applies.

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