"Organization is not the right storage container or day planner. Rather, it is a tool which we must continually use in order to create and maintain the the life we want. Like any tool, it can only be truly effective when we develop the skill to use it."- Sherri Fabic

“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” -David Allan Coe

This is as true of a life as it is of a building. You must dig down to the foundations and build up from there, understanding the building materials which you will use to construct the foundation of your magnificent life. These materials include needs, values and goals which will lead to the awareness and understanding of self needed to build a supportive life structure.


 Dream a little…

Whatever your dreams and goals, as a professional organizer and life management specialist, I can help you to put them in focus and within reach. My work assists the client to gain knowledge and understanding of themselves and their environment, then build a supportive framework of systems and skills, customized to their individual strengths and needs.


FRAMEWORK Organizing & Design is based out of beautiful Frederick County, Maryland and serves Western Maryland and the surrounding counties in Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


FRAMEWORK abides by the Code of Ethics of NAPO, the ICD and the ICF (International Coach Federation). Simply put, your privacy is of utmost importance and you can expect to be treated with understanding, honor and courtesy.


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